Fall Festival



We are fortunate to have some of the best local musicians delighting our audiences at Amberations’ Fall Festivals. Prepare for an afternoon of talent you won’t want to miss…from start to finish Sunday, October 5th from 1 – 6 PM at the Otisco Lake Community Center.

The Salt Potatoes is a quartet led by our musical coordinator and emcee Harvey Nusbaum. They cover jazz, traditional fiddling (Irish and American), rock, contemporary folk, you name it. Somehow it all comes out with the unique Salt Potatoes sound, irreverent and serious at the same time.

Bob Lyna uses the hard edge side of folk-rock to attract a loyal following in his hometown of Auburn and Central New York. His wit puts any audience at ease plus he jams with a wide variety of musicians. For our festival he’ll be with his trio alternatively called Nuclear Ukulele or The West Niles Marching Jug Band.

Casual Plaid is a band well known to classmates and parents at Marcellus High School and is quickly becoming popular throughout Central NY. Their energy is genuine and they expertly apply it to bluegrass and the folkier side of pop. Not to be missed.

The SAMMY Award winning Easy Ramblers will bring their unique blend of “Easygrass” – a mixture of folk, bluegrass and roots oriented originals. This is their first time to Amberations’ Festival and we are excited to have them supporting our cause. You can hear them by going to the ReverbNation website and searching for “theeasyramblers.”

Since 2004 The Kambuyu Marimba Ensemble has played traditional dance music from Zimbabwe on seven marimbas (soprano through bass) and one hosho (aka maracas). Don’t miss them. They have a mellow steel drum sound with different grooves drifting in and out while the melody ties the musical lines together.

In addition to this great musical line up our event offers a great selection of unique foods, games, raffles, animals, our Treasure Hunt, Duck Race, animals and more. Bring your family and friends to enjoy this fun day and support a great cause, this event is fun rain or shine.

For more information call 315.636.7166 or email info@amberations.org


Welcome to Amberations


Amberations is a 501(c-3) not-for-profit organization in Marietta, New York.

Our primary focus is to develop our 50 acre site as a natural oasis for people of all abilities to enjoy. We have two streams, beautiful woods, fields, abundant wildlife, a barn with a donkey, sheep, cats, ducks and chickens, an outhouse, and plans for trails and gardens.
All of this is the work of volunteers. We always need help and invite you to join us. Our grounds are always open however we suggest you call before your first visit to arrange for a guided tour. Our goal is to support mental health by offering opportunities and encouragement to interact with our natural environment

Dog Friendly!

Dogs and their people welcome in our upper fields!  There are two entrances to Amberations, the lower barn entrance and the upper field entrance.  Our animals at the barn are very skittish and defensive around dogs.  Please keep dogs on a leash and under close control at the barn area.  In the upper field area you are welcome to let your well mannered dogs off their leashes.  Please be courteous and respectful.  There is parking in the upper fields or you can hike through the woods from the barn.

The Animals

We like carrots and apples!  The donkey, sheep, and goats love to be fed grasses, apples, and carrots.  Hold your hand flat so they don’t mistake you for a carrot!  Their stomachs are very sensitive so please do not feed them any human goodies.  The kitty cats love to be pet and enjoy cat treats.

Come Visit!

Our barn is open to visitors every day of the year.  We suggest you call before your first visit so we can show you around and introduce you to our critters!  If that is not possible feel free to explore on your own.  Our barn is set back from the road, adjacent to the Otisco Lake Community Center, opposite the Amber Fire House.  There are treasure maps in the barn that will help you to explore our fifty acres.  There is also another entry that will bring you to parking in our upper fields area.  The second entrance is a steep driveway about 1/5 of a mile further up Amber Road, bear left at the top.  There is an outhouse and gazebo in the upper fields.


This is Sarah, one of the founding members of Amberations.  At our barn you can view a large mural of Sarah with one of our sheep, Katie.  The painting was done by Sarah’s sister – Chloe Brittenham.  Chloe and Sarah are the daughters of Anne and Paul Brittenham.  The Brittenhams together with the Wileys started Amberations in 2006.

Fall Festival Success!

Thank you to everyone who made this the best Fall Festival ever, especially all you fine musicians: The Kambuyu Marimba Band, Casual Plaid, Harvey and the Salt Potatoes.  Another big thank you to all of our many donors and volunteers: Martha & Frank, Gannons, Green Hills, Cazenovia Equipment, our local orchards, friends and family, Labrador Mountain, Red House Theater, Daniel’s Grill, Boom Boom Mex Mex, The MOST, Hangar Theater, Syracuse Stage, Rosamond Gifford Zoo, and the list goes on and on……  THANK YOU EVERYONE!

B.i.k.e. Syracuse Visits Amberations

On Sat., March 3, one of the dreams for Amberations came true. A group of spirited, wonderful kids from Syracuse came to visit. They are part of B.i.k.e Syracuse, focused on providing kids from Skiddy Park, next to Blodgett School in the city, with experiences and healthy alternatives. B.i.k.e. stands for Bicycles and Ideas for Kids’ Empowerment (bikesyracuse.com). About 17 kids aged 12-16 came in a bus with their leader, Bob, and adult chaperones.
Luckily, due to our remarkable weather this year, the day was beautiful. The kids were mesmerized by the animals. Of course, Big Joe is always a hit and he and the sheep got plenty to eat that day! The ducks, chickens, turkey, peacock and guinea hen were a hit as well. Then the students went on a long hike following the treasure hunt map and even going into the gorge. This provided opportunities to be challenged and to help each other in the process. On their return, some of the students played basketball with a few local kids, while others looked for ways to be helpful, brooming and raking the grounds. The day was capped off with a pizza party.
We greatly look forward to their visit again! The fact that they have transportation and had a great time really makes this possible.

Diana Green