Coming soon… A Pond!

For years Amberations has dreamed of a pond to compliment our barn site. It seems that soon may become a reality.

Recently volunteers from the United Methodist Church in Marcellus decided to help us out with a day of service. This small group of hard workers attacked our weeds and beautified our grounds. The lovely trough planter in front of the barn is just one thing we have to thank them for. Another is soon to come.

Griff Williams was one of the volunteers that showed up that day. Griff has embraced our dream of a pond and has agreed to donate his time and equipment to making that a reality.

We have been in contact with the Department of Soil and Water Conservation, the Department of Environmental Conservation, the New York State Department of Parks and Recreation and the Army Corps of Engineers and phew….we are almost ready to start digging.

Watch for progress and feel free to contact us if you might want to assist.

Our plan is for a small pond, approximately 25’ X 40’, between our barn and our stream and just a little to the east.

We hope to install a small bridge and grade the bank on the west end to allow access by wheelchairs.