Our Mission

In order to become a 501 (c-3) not-for-profit organization there is a complex application and review process.

Amberations mission is to support mental health by providing opportunities for people of all abilities to impact and interact with the natural environment.

We were very careful when we drafted our application to make sure it was worded in such a way that anyone might benefit from our grounds. Over the years we have enjoyed visits from group homes, senior centers, inner city youth, schools and families.

Recently a neighbor shared her story. When she returned to upstate New York as an adult it was a very difficult time for her emotionally. The opportunity to enjoy the animals and nature at Amberations proved just what she needed to restore balance and perspective to her life. This is just one example of Amberations meeting our goals…one person at a time.

The volunteers at Amberations have identified ways we could reach more people and offer more to our community. We need help. Please consider joining us. The only prerequisite is a willingness to help and an ability to have fun.